Goodbye, India

Goodbye, India

Goodbye women clad in pink, orange and yellow saris

Goodbye gulab jamuns with slivers of pistachio soaked in rose water, masala dosas, tandoori chicken and buttery parathas

Goodbye giggling children with toothy smiles, chasing me down the road and hoping to have a conversation

Goodbye orange sunsets and jasmine breezes, frangipani trees, incense and sandalwood

Goodbye chai masala, Limca and Thums Up

Goodbye Taj Mahal – the most beautiful monument in the world

Goodbye Varanasi – the most magical place I’ve ever been to

Goodbye, India

No more hoarking and spitting

No more one star hotels with dirty towels and bugs

No more 47+ heat and power outages

No more slipping in cow patties, jumping off trains and falling out of boats

No more leering, crotch grabbing men

No more pushy cows, mangy dogs and hissing monkeys

No more crazy traffic, hanging out of tuktuks and incessant beeping of horns

Goodbye, India

And I’m never coming back






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